Meet the Team

Taylor VilesPresident, Production Coordinator

Taylor is a senior communications major double concentrating in sports communication and journalism. He grew up in a small town near Keene, New Hampshire. Taylor’s career goal is to become an inspirational sports broadcaster and sports writer. He is currently interning with the Cape Cod Baseball League as the Senior Writer, a position he will hold through next summer. Although his main love is sports, Taylor is excited to bring a new energy as President of LCTV and continue to learn the field as well as help grow the club.

Juliana DemuroVice President, Studio Manager

Juliana DeMuro from Poughkeepsie, New York is a senior communications major with a concentration in radio and video productions. She has been a member of LCTV since the fall of 2019. During her first semester she premiered the short-lived series “The Scoop.” She is also E-board of Lasell’s Student Alumni Association where she holds the title VP of Communications. She loves to watch movies, spend time with her loved ones and she lives by the mantra; “do what makes you happy.”

Virginia Bry│Sports Director

Virginia Bry is a senior from Wakefield, Massachusetts. They are majoring in Sport Communication with the hope to be a sports broadcaster after college. They have been a part of LCTV since their Freshman year and is very excited to help it continue to grow! Outside of school Virginia loves to go to Red Sox games and collect baseball cards as well as spend time with friends, play sports, and more.

Jordyn Baldon│News Director

Jordyn Baldon is a sophomore communications major minoring in video production.  She is originally from Newton, Massachusetts and has been a member of LCTV since fall of 2021.  In her spare time Jordyn likes reading books, watching movies, writing and hanging out with friends.  After graduation she hopes to end up working in the film industry. 

Lewis Katz│Variety Show Runner

Lewis is a sophomore communications major with a concentration in Radio and Video Production. He is originally from Long Island, New York and has been a member of LCTV since 2020. After graduation Lewis hopes to work in some sort of Movie or TV station or company. I enjoy walking my dogs when I get to go home and riding my bike around his town.

Meghan Conroy│Secretary, Website Manager, Producer of Culinary College

Meghan Conroy is a junior communications major with a concentration in Radio and Video Production.  She is originally from Lunenburg, Massachusetts and has been a member of LCTV since fall of 2019.  After graduation, Meghan hopes to end up spreading positivity on her own big radio show. In her spare time Meghan enjoys hanging out with friends, walking her dogs, doing her radio show “Meghan Moments” with her roommate Niamh.

Rose Miller│Social Media Manager

Rose Miller is a junior at Lasell studying communications with a concentration in Radio and Video Production. She is from Woburn, Massachusetts and originally went to Lasell to study forensic science but found a passion for video early into her college career. In her free time she loves to go to concerts, hang out with friends and paint. After graduation Rose intends to work in the music industry doing photography and videography. 

Sinclair Samuels│Booking Director

Sinclair Samuels from Springfield, Massachusetts, is a sophomore majoring in Communications with a concentration in Radio and Video Production. She Joined LCTV and WLAS to challenge herself through new experiences that will help her achieve her dream job of working in the entertainment industry. Within her first year, she launched a crime solving show, “The Suitest Solvers” with her suitmate, Lisa. In her free time, she loves to thrift, collect records, and attend live shows.

Kaitlyn Duarte│Producer of The Stew

Kaitlyn Duarte is a Senior Fashion Merchandising major from Fairhaven, MA. She has been a part of LCTV since Fall 2020 and is 1/2 of “The Stew” in which she co-stars with her roomie Gab. When she’s not stewing it up, Kaitlyn enjoys making art, thrift shopping, and eating good food with good people. She hopes to leave a positive impact on the lives of others in one way or another and is thankful LCTV can be an outlet for that.

Gabby Bertoldi│Producer of The Stew

Gabby Bertoldi is a senior early education major from Quincy, Massachusetts. Gabby joined LCTV in 2020 with little production experience and since then has developed an immense love for the craft. When she’s not in a classroom, you can find her in the Greg Lab working on her show, The Stew, with her roommate and co-host Kait! Outside of school, Gabby loves to craft, get in tune with her spiritual side, and spend time making memories with her lovely friends. 

Mike Maruk│Producer and Host of Between Two Torches

Mike Maruk is a junior at Lasell studying radio and video production with a minor in journalism. He is from Western Mass. Mike has been part of LCTV now for about two years now. He has worked on shows such as LCTV’s news show, The Laser Exclusive, and one of the newer shows, Culinary College. A little fun fact about Mike is that he likes to play guitar in his free time.

Lisa Ortiz│Producer of The Suitest Solvers

Lisa Ortiz is a sophomore from Lincoln, Rhode Island, studying communications with a focus in radio and video production. This is her second year in LCTV and her second year co-producing “The Suitest Solvers” alongside her partner in crime, Sinclair Samuels, who she also co-hosts a radio show with. In her spare time you can find her hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, playing field hockey, or lacrosse. 

Jenny Frechette│Culinary Expert

Jenny Frechette is a sophomore communications major with a concentration in radio and video production. She is originally from Billerica, Massachusetts and has been a member of LCTV since Fall 2020. This year, Jenny has taken over as host of Culinary College. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and tv shows, sing, and, of course, cook. 

Show Runners:

The Laser Exclusive– Jordyn Baldon

Laser Sports Update– Virginia Bry and Taylor Viles

Between Two Torches- Mike Maruk

Culinary College– Jennifer Frechette

The Stew– Gabby Bertoldi and Kaitlyn Duarte

The Suitest Solvers– Lisa Ortiz and Sinclair Samuels

Club Members:

Lilla Gaffney

Kristen Gorham

Jalynn Hilton

Lewis Katz

Owen Kwent

Sasia Neermann-Hinds

Nicole Reusch

Taylor Sprague

Josh Wolmer

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